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systems administration meanderings

Dear Samsung Australia

I bought my Samsung Galaxy Nexus (SGN) after successfully using a Nexus One for two years. The Nexus One was made by HTC and in my mind the build quality was excellent. I never had a physical problem with this phone. The Samsung Galaxy Nexus was great to begin with no issues at all. Now after having it a year the recharging circuit failed, apparently quite common. I had the phone returned to me and then after a week the power button started to fail. Read more →


I was very fortunate at Christmas to receive a Nexus 7. The screen resolution is great. The Google Play Books app for reading ebooks is great too. Page turns are just gorgeous to watch, and I love the ability to highlight words and have their definition show up as you read. I soon read “Shadow of the wind”, which I enjoyed enormously. OK so what do I do with it now? Read more →

Recovering my Billion 7404VGPX

I’ve always liked Billion ADSL routers, this was my third or fourth over the years. One is still being used by my in-laws. This one I used for a while and then tried to upgrade the firmware. Unfortunately, it failed during the update and this stopped it working properly. I bought a Belkin and to say I’m disappointed is an understatement. It’s ok as a ADSL modem, but as a router it’s limited. Read more →

Retrieving sunset from BOM

I needed to find the sunset time, so I can turn on my path lights for a couple of hours each night. The BOM usually display the sunrise and sunset times when they provide the weather forecast. Having looked at the site I found that it provides a tool, via Geoscience Australia, to find out the sunset and sunrise times each day or for a whole year. As I needed the sunset time I came up with a command to retrieve it [bash]LATHEMI=south #Latitude Hemisphere LONGHEMI=east #Longitude hemisphere LOCATION=SOMEWHERE #Your location LATDEG=0 #Latitude degrees LATMIN=0 #Latitude minutes LATSEC=0 # Latitude seconds LONGDEG=0 # Longitude degrees LONGMIN=0 # Longitude minutes LONGSEC=0 # Longitude seconds STATE=“NT%20-%20Darwin%20(most%20location)” #Australian state DST=No #Daylight Savings Time (Yes|No) TZ=10 #Timezone UTCOFF=10 #Offset from UTC ATZ=“(EST) #Eastern Standard Time LT=“00:00:00 PM” #Time making the call AUSTZONE=“+10” EVENT=1 TIMEZONE=“+10” DATE=date +"%d/%m/%Y" Read more →

My Dell wishlist

To be able to place an order for hardware in my local country for delivery to any country. For this I will pay a little extra. The rational for this is that we tried to order a server in Brazil, eventually we ended up buying the server in Australia, and shipping it to Brazil. It was lost between the couriers and Brazilian customs. The most annoying part is that Dell have a factory in Brazil. Read more →