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Apple Airtags How Useful

I bought a pack of 4 Apple AirTags, I added one to an iPhone, and then attached it to a set of keys. It seems I did this so badly that tag itself was lost, we still had the keys just not the tag.

It took us a couple of days to notice that it was missing. Powering up the “Find My” app on the iPhone showed that the AirTag was located about 7Km away We turned on the “Device Lost” option. With this option turned on it means that if anyone with an iPhone tries to connect to the AirTag the iPhone displays the message you entered when you turned on the “Device Lost” option. We had entered “Please ring on ”.

It was great news that the device was not too far away!! But how did it know this ?

We waited a day to see if it moved, we checked this morning and the location hadn’t changed, then we checked tonight and the location hadn’t changed. We took a risk and drove to near the AirTag’s location, took out the phone, and tried to find the AirTag.

The AirTag’s are usually located by opening the “Find My” app, and turning on the “Play Sound” option, this makes the AirTag make a sound which you can then hear and thereby locate the device. So this we tried, heard nothing. Then the “Find My” app updated the location narrowing the location to two houses. We continued to walk around pressing the “Play Sound” optiont he location updated again to a single house address. We knocked onthe door, explained we were looking for the AirTag, and it was returned to us. Quite impressive.

It turns out the AirTag can talk to any iPhone that has “Find My” enabled and it’s this capability that allowed us to track down our missing AirTag, This whole concept is explained here