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Dear Samsung Australia

I bought my Samsung Galaxy Nexus (SGN) after successfully using a Nexus One for two years. The Nexus One was made by HTC and in my mind the build quality was excellent.  I never had a physical problem with this phone.  The Samsung Galaxy Nexus was great to begin with no issues at all.  Now after having it a year the recharging circuit failed, apparently quite common. I had the phone returned to me and then after a week the power button started to fail.  This has also happened to others. Including to other Samsung models like the Nexus S.

However, this post is really about Samsung Australia, and the experience centre, this is located on George Street, in Sydney, close to the Apple store.  When I took my power button issue into the store they said it could be fixed but it would need to be sent away for 5 business days, or I should hunt a local repair shop and they might be able to fix within a day.  How did I feel after that experience ?

Knowing I might be going to Korea I waited, surviving with my finger nail and software to turn the phone off. Annoyingly, I could map a volume key to wake up the phone.

My trip to Korea arrived and my phone was taken to a Samsung Service centre in Seoul, the guy on the showroom floor fixed the button in 10 minutes, the plastic had worn and I just needed a new piece of plastic. So Samsung Australia how did I feel after that experience ?

I bet if you can repeat my experience in Seoul, for others in the store in George Street, you would have customers flocking to your products. I would get another Samsung device with service like that in Australia.