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I was very fortunate at Christmas to receive  a Nexus 7. The screen resolution is great. The Google Play Books app for reading ebooks is great too. Page turns are just gorgeous to watch, and I love the ability to highlight words and have their definition show up as you read.  I soon read “Shadow of the wind”, which I enjoyed enormously.

OK so what do I do with it now? If I had the physical book I’d give it my wife or my family to read.  All I can do with an ebook that has DRM is tell them about it and say it’s a good read.  From this recommendation they are unlikely to buy it to read.

This therefore means lost future sales for the author/publisher. By this I mean if I could give/lend the book to my family, they might read it and enjoy it.  The next time they see a book or come across a book by the same author they are likely to buy it, and lend it to me.  Without the opportunity to have read the book I originally recommended leads to no future sales.

My other bug bear is the cost of ebooks.  Someone needs to explain to me, how is it cheaper to physically ship a paperback book from the UK/USA to Australia than it is to purchase an ebook.  The experience is more restrictive with the ebook, so where is the extra value ?