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Data capture with ExaNIC’s

Capturing the data My scenario is that I wish capture some multicast data and analyse it later. I’d like this process to be automated, start at a specific time, stop at a specific time, and then process the captured data file. I’ll be using CentOS 7 which is based on systemd. Fortunately, the ExaNIC cards come with a great utility called exanic-capture, this tool is one of the features of the ExaNIC card outlined in this post on the Exablaze site. Read more →

Configuring Exanic’s under CentOS 6

We use the Exablaze Exanic X4 cards at work. The manual does explain what you have to do but doesn’t give you the CentOS/RHEL specifics. I’m assuming the driver is already installed. The first thing to notice is that when the exanic.ko module is installed it creates the /dev/exanic0 device. The permissions on this driver crw-rw---- 1 root root 10, 58 Aug 27 21:46 /dev/exanic0 This is ok if your software runs as root. Read more →

CentOS 6.5 on Super Micro HFT server

Recently I had the chance to test the Super Micro 6027ax-72rf-hft3 server, which is meant for HFT environments, being over clocked including the supported network cards. I was aiming to run performance tests with the ExaNIC X2 from Exablaze. Unfortunately, the Super Micro website doesn’t list CentOS 6.5 as a supported operating system. My first couple of attempts in installing CentOS 6.5 on this server resulted in kernel panics, upon investigation I realised it was not seeing the disk controller. Read more →

Pebble watch

OK I got my Pebble Steel as a gift recently. I like it. I like the screen that I can read at anytime, twisting my wrist to turn on the back light is neat. I particularly like the ability to cancel calls from my watch, handy when you are at the barbers and your phone is in your pocket (I imagine useful for cinemas/theatres etc ….). I particularly like that Runkeeper and Strava send some of their details to the watch so you can have an easy view of duration, distance and pace. Read more →

Apple issues

No real surprises to my mate @gavincarr, but recently I’ve been having issues with the software Apple has recently released. The list is as follows:- * ios 6.1.3 on iphone 4S drains battery more quickly than previous versions. More details [here](http://www.techradar.com/au/news/phone-and-communications/mobile-phones/ios-6-1-3-battery-drain-fix-needed-for-iphone-owners-1141201) * ios 6.1.3 on ipad, browsing seems to be considerably slower, and app updates even get retry prompts - this is new, I know we have a slow internet connection but this is unusual. Read more →