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The Next Billion Cars

The Next Billion Cars has been an interesting listen. Some of the views I don’t agree with but most I do. It’s a shame though that a couple of things weren’t covered:- Tesla believe self-driving cars can only occur with electric vehicles, due to the way they brake and accelerate, according to this [article](https://cleantechnica.com/2019/06/15/teslas-new-hw3-self-driving-computer-its-a-beast-cleantechnica-deep-dive/ Tesla’s New HW3 Self-Driving Computer — It’s A Beast (CleanTechnica Deep Dive) Not only governments but cities need to help, beacons can be used to help with guidance, one way streets, and traffic signals could be used to broadcast their state etc … Normal bikes and electric ones too, can advertise their presence to cars - as a cyclist this would help greatly Both of the above points can be covered by a vehicle to anything protocol In fact self-driving cars could bring about a utopia for cyclist I look forward to the next season and the insights the shows hosts bring. Read more →

systemd-networkd exanic cards

This post is to detail how I managed to reliably set the additional settings for Exablaze’s ExaNIC X40 card, the technique is applicable to other cards. I was performing this on a Dell R730 running CentOS 7.4 The Exablaze cards have additional capabilities like bypass-only mode, which needs to be set every time the system is rebooted. In the past, I’ve covered this by using udev, but it hasn’t proven to be reliable. Read more →

Mesh Commander on Linux

I needed to use MeshCommander to connect to an “Intel AMT enabled” PC. It’s a good feature allowing you access to the console remotely. The downside is there is no official release for any other platform than Windows. There is an unofficial release for Mac OS X. To get MeshCommander to work for Linux I performed the following:- wget http://info.meshcentral.com/downloads/mdtk/meshcommandersource.zip cd meshcommander unzip ../meshcommandersource.zip cd NodeJS npm install node commander.js Now you can navigate to http://localhost:3000/ to use MeshCommander Read more →

Kickstart overcoming UEFi or converting from MBR

Recently I had the opportunity to install CentOS 7 onto a new Intel Skylake based machine. The system using legacy bios mode installed via kickstart without any issues, repeatedly. I should say that the system had two 500Gb msata drives and an M.2 1Tb drive. The two msata would hold CentOS and would use Raid 1. Unfortunately, the system needed to be in UEFi mode, and this change meant a new kickstart file. Read more →

Polar V650 cycle computer

Initial thoughts I recently received a Polar V650 as a gift. It looks great, the touch screen works well even when riding. The GPS seems to work well, and integrates nicely with Strava. Installation was a breeze, although I think the rubber bands that hold the bracket on the bike will stretch. My Software Experience To get the units data in to Strava you have to perform the following:- Read more →