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Dear Samsung Australia

I bought my Samsung Galaxy Nexus (SGN) after successfully using a Nexus One for two years. The Nexus One was made by HTC and in my mind the build quality was excellent. I never had a physical problem with this phone. The Samsung Galaxy Nexus was great to begin with no issues at all. Now after having it a year the recharging circuit failed, apparently quite common. I had the phone returned to me and then after a week the power button started to fail. Read more →

Problems with Google and Android

Two problems within a week, unusual. Google Wallet Google had a sale of apps over 10 days to celebrate 10 billion downloads, some I was interested in and on one day I purchased two in quick succession. However, one downloaded and the other failed. With the error of transaction declined. I phoned up the bank thinking it was a credit card problem. They informed me it was a duplicate transaction and had cancelled it. Read more →

Tasker - just brilliant

The title describes how I feel about this app for my Nexus One. Tasker allows you to set up your phone to perform certain actions depending upon a criteria, these criteria can be time, place, application ………. I have implemented tasks that react to applications, so for instance if I launch Maps, then the Tasker profile I have setup turns on the GPS, and when I exit the application it turns off theGPS. Read more →