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Problems with Google and Android

Two problems within a week, unusual.

Google Wallet

Google had a sale of apps over 10 days to celebrate 10 billion downloads, some I was interested in and on one day I purchased two in quick succession.  However, one downloaded and the other failed. With the error of transaction declined.  I phoned up the bank thinking it was a credit card problem.  They informed me it was a duplicate transaction and had cancelled it.

Of course there is no phone number to ring for Google.  Just an FAQ that says update your credit card details.  Well there is no issue with my credit card details, so I asked for it to be resubmitted, which of course it failed.  So there is no issue with my credit card, just with the way that Google submits transactions. To date I’ve had an email to say there was an issue and another to say that they have cancelled the transaction.

Not Very Impressive!!!

Android Market

I just received a Google Galaxy Nexus, very excited to receive it.  It looks like a wonderful phone.  The problem is I cannot download any of the apps I installed or purchased before.

I can access the market, search for apps, see all my previous apps, but when I select the install button it comes back with “could not be downloaded due to an error”.  I’ve tried the following:-

  * Logged in to [google talk](http://www.google.com/talk/) this apparently has helped others.
  * Deleted all the data related to the [Market](http://market.android.com/) application.
  * Deleted my account and re-added it.
  * Hidden my old phone in the [Android Market](http://market.android.com/) settings.

To me this is embarrassing. I have the Google approved phone, but It can’t use the Google provided market.  I bet if I lived in North America and installed the Amazon App Store I could install applications.

There are other people, a great many when you search for the problem. This should never happen. If I find a fix I’ll update it here.


I have found a fix for me - deleting the account, followed by a reboot, and then re-adding the account.  This means I can now download apps from the market and I can see my current phone in the list of devices.