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My Dell wishlist

  1. To be able to place an order for hardware in my local country for delivery to any country. For this I will pay a little extra. The rational for this is that we tried to order a server in Brazil, eventually we ended up buying the server in Australia, and shipping it to Brazil. It was lost between the couriers and Brazilian customs.  The most annoying part is that Dell have a factory in Brazil. 2. If point 1 succeeds i won’t need this. No middle men for placing orders in foreign countries. Trust me they just obstruct the order process. 3. I know my server is located overseas I just want to raise a support ticket locally and Dell allocate it to the appropriate engineer if required. For software problems who cares where the server is located? 4. When Dell releases a laptop with Linux on it please make it available globally. Just because my country manager thinks he won’t sell any doesn’t mean you won’t it just means I have to go elsewhere. 5. Give me the ability to test my code on one or many of Dell servers I’m trying to spend money with you but not until I know it’s faster than what I have now.

I’ll be amazed if Dell ever implement these. Times are changing, to be a global organisation you do not need to have a presence in every country that you do business. Some manufacturer will allow the above and we will then move to use their servers.