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March devops meeting Sydney

This was the first event I had been to. Inspiring, that’s how it should be. First up was a talk about scriptrock. This looks like an interesting tool although it relies on Java being installed on each of the machines it runs or tests. It is a tool to allow tests on infrastructure to be written from various teams and then run automatically. Thereby, eliminating the costly manual testing of a new roll out. We use a similar tool called triage (openfusion) both are based on cucumber. I think I’ll have a play soon.

The job slot came next and I think I counted about 7 on offer. Good group to pitch to.

Next up a talk on puppet’s new feature called hiera. This was what we need at our place. I’ve written this unwieldy module to roll out new production and staging releases of our software but hiera has the ability to turn that module into something elegant. Plus we can give releases to the developers by getting them to update a single yaml file - even they can understand a yaml file surely?

So I came away inspired. Full of ideas on how we can integrate hosttag and hiera and vowing to finish reading the latestpuppet book.