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systems administration meanderings

systemd-networkd exanic cards

This post is to detail how I managed to reliably set the additional settings for Exablaze’s ExaNIC X40 card, the technique is applicable to other cards. I was performing this on a Dell R730 running CentOS 7.4 The Exablaze cards have additional capabilities like bypass-only mode, which needs to be set every time the system is rebooted. In the past, I’ve covered this by using udev, but it hasn’t proven to be reliable. Read more →

My Dell wishlist

To be able to place an order for hardware in my local country for delivery to any country. For this I will pay a little extra. The rational for this is that we tried to order a server in Brazil, eventually we ended up buying the server in Australia, and shipping it to Brazil. It was lost between the couriers and Brazilian customs. The most annoying part is that Dell have a factory in Brazil. Read more →