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I was very fortunate at Christmas to receive a Nexus 7. The screen resolution is great. The Google Play Books app for reading ebooks is great too. Page turns are just gorgeous to watch, and I love the ability to highlight words and have their definition show up as you read. I soon read “Shadow of the wind”, which I enjoyed enormously. OK so what do I do with it now? Read more →

How to be a high school super star

I’ve just finished reading this book. Apart from the fact it is aimed towards American students and the particulars of their system, I enjoyed it. The ideas the book puts across are well presented and I can relate to. It’s not for everyone, if you think High School education is all about aiming to take exams then this book may not be for you. If you are open to alternatives, that do involve hard work, but in a more innovative manner then give it a go. Read more →