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Scosche MyTrek update

Well I didn’t return the unit as I heard that Scosche were going to produce an Android version. Alas they have. The app is so much better than the iphone one. The good parts are :- * Asks permission to turn on BlueTooth when you start the app * Does now show maps etc. * Liaises with RunKeeper by sending it's data after an activity - more later. * It seems more accurate most of the time. Read more →

iPhone and heart rate monitoring

I should have known. I thought it would be easy. The iPhone 4s has bluetooth. The Scosche MyTrek works with the iPhone via bluetooth. All good as Apple is known for it’s integration and ease of use it would work beautifully. Alas no. Failures of scosche mytrek - where to begin. The Scosche MyTrek software does not integrate with other popular activity tracking software like runkeeper, endmondo pro, etc neither does it utilise the inbuilt GPS for mapping your running/cycling route. Read more →