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Polar V650 cycle computer

Initial thoughts I recently received a Polar V650 as a gift. It looks great, the touch screen works well even when riding. The GPS seems to work well, and integrates nicely with Strava. Installation was a breeze, although I think the rubber bands that hold the bracket on the bike will stretch. My Software Experience To get the units data in to Strava you have to perform the following:- 1. Read more →

Scosche MyTrek update 2

After new application updates have failed to resolve the issues I have with this device, plus promises of support contacting me directly which never occurred and now the device is stopping after about 5 mins of use. I have bought a Polar WearLink+ (bluetooth) instead. This heart rate monitor integrates with runkeeper directly, and I have not had an issue using runkeeper for monitoring my activities. So all should be good going forward. Read more →

Update on new to me bike

I’ve ridden it a few times now to work. Distance is about 24Km. The Specialized Rockhopper is good to ride. However, there are reports around the web of the poor quality of some of the components. I have hit upon an issue with my front wheel. The other day I pumped the tyres up and locked out the suspension as I mainly cycle on the road. On one section there is a slight incline, and rather than change down a gear, I stood up and powered over it. Read more →

A new bike

Well I have a new mountain bike, thanks to my Christmas presents. My old lovely yellow Trek 8000 SHX mountain bike had a problem with the front derailleur. So I took it to a bike shop. Their initial reaction was to laugh as the bike’s geometry was so old. They now do not make bikes with that kind of geometry. It was 16 years old. So the bike mechanic after looking at the front derailleur looked at the rest of the parts. Read more →