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systems administration meanderings

Retrieving sunset from BOM

I needed to find the sunset time, so I can turn on my path lights for a couple of hours each night. The BOM usually display the sunrise and sunset times when they provide the weather forecast. Having looked at the site I found that it provides a tool, via Geoscience Australia, to find out the sunset and sunrise times each day or for a whole year. As I needed the sunset time I came up with a command to retrieve it [bash]LATHEMI=south #Latitude Hemisphere LONGHEMI=east #Longitude hemisphere LOCATION=SOMEWHERE #Your location LATDEG=0 #Latitude degrees LATMIN=0 #Latitude minutes LATSEC=0 # Latitude seconds LONGDEG=0 # Longitude degrees LONGMIN=0 # Longitude minutes LONGSEC=0 # Longitude seconds STATE=“NT%20-%20Darwin%20(most%20location)” #Australian state DST=No #Daylight Savings Time (Yes|No) TZ=10 #Timezone UTCOFF=10 #Offset from UTC ATZ="(EST) #Eastern Standard Time LT=“00:00:00 PM” #Time making the call AUSTZONE="+10" EVENT=1 TIMEZONE="+10" DATE=date +"%d/%m/%Y" Read more →

Justice of the Peace and the RTA

I sold a car last year, the guy paid in full and in cash. I duly filled out his details on the vehicle disposal form. Then walked round to the RTA and dropped the form into the box set in the foyer set out for the forms. The seller is supposed to re-register the vehicle, this he hasn’t done as you’ll see Last week I received a note saying that the car has been caught by a speed camera in Adelaide, just happens to be the city where the buyer lived. Read more →

Sharks versus cars

In my opinion one of the good things about living in Australia is that it has managed to retain/protect some of its wildlife, both land and sea based. Most of Europe seems to have wiped out most of their wildlife, especially dangerous ones, centuries ago. So it always amazes me that every shark attack that occurs here makes the headlines without fail. I have to assume that its due to the rarity of the event rather than to the event itself. Read more →

Australia Day

Today was spent celebrating Australia, and everything Australian. Snags, beer, sport and fun is the order of the day. What great fun!!! For those of you outside of Oz, it’s a bit like St. George’s day in England, and St. Patricks day for the Irish, although that seems to extend around the world. To all the Australians out there I hope you had a great day!!  Read more →