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Apple Airtags How Useful

I bought a pack of 4 Apple AirTags, I added one to an iPhone, and then attached it to a set of keys. It seems I did this so badly that tag itself was lost, we still had the keys just not the tag. It took us a couple of days to notice that it was missing. Powering up the “Find My” app on the iPhone showed that the AirTag was located about 7Km away We turned on the “Device Lost” option. Read more →

Apple issues

No real surprises to my mate @gavincarr, but recently I’ve been having issues with the software Apple has recently released. The list is as follows:- * ios 6.1.3 on iphone 4S drains battery more quickly than previous versions. More details [here](http://www.techradar.com/au/news/phone-and-communications/mobile-phones/ios-6-1-3-battery-drain-fix-needed-for-iphone-owners-1141201) * ios 6.1.3 on ipad, browsing seems to be considerably slower, and app updates even get retry prompts - this is new, I know we have a slow internet connection but this is unusual. Read more →

Scosche MyTrek update

Well I didn’t return the unit as I heard that Scosche were going to produce an Android version. Alas they have. The app is so much better than the iphone one. The good parts are :- * Asks permission to turn on BlueTooth when you start the app * Does now show maps etc. * Liaises with RunKeeper by sending it's data after an activity - more later. * It seems more accurate most of the time. Read more →

Apple shop

So from my bad experience on trying to return the Scosche MyTrek and being told I couldn’t. I had a much better experience when I had issues with my Apple Magic TrackPad. It would react crazily whilst you were trying to use it, moving wildly and closing windows when you try to select them. So I thought it might be a Lion issue but then paired it with my MacBook Air running Snow Leopard and it behaved in the same manner. Read more →